Thursday, August 2, 2012

The excavation began ... well almost!

Hello, well after some days with no internet connection I find time and a place to go to the net.

So I finally arrived with Ömer in Igdir last Sunday and we past with the rest of the team the border between Turkey and Nakhchivan. Ömer directely take a bus to go back to Kilis.

After just when we arrived on our camp in Ovçular Tepesi, it's was raining a lot. A terrible storm, some friends started to set up their tents in the rain. A good start !

The day after, with Thierry, we went to install us in Nakhchivan City. We are the second team working on the salt mine: Duzdag.
 But the problem of car continue every days, I passed 4 hours today for change the brakes of the left wheel. 

But, with Nizami our Azeri colleague, and Thierry, the specialist in tunnel, mining excavation, we start and we now work on a small gallery of 4x4 m

 Inside, there is the salt layer. Specialists will see traces of metal spikes. These are the most recent traces of this mine.

We hope that the oldest exploitation period will be Kuro-Arax.It is the end of the fifth or fourth millennium B.C.

Bye, bye with the view from our excavation and see you soon ! 

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