Saturday, July 28, 2012

From Kilis to Diyarbakır

What a mess today ! We start at 4h30 am for don't drive during the hot temperature (It's was 45°C in Diyarbakir today) and all our plans fall donw.
Sunrise next to Kilis

What append ? Of course a small surprice of our Lada.

Direction the garage after a on site review by Ömer, and the mechanic Abadula

 Result, a piece should be changed (this kind of plastic plate with holes). Of course, this requires disassembly of the carburetor and other engine components.

So we broke down after only 30 minute drive, at about 5 am, and we are back in Kilis to repair. To finally start again at 1 pm when it's hot ...

Somes pictures of this first part from Kilis to Diyarbakir

The end of the day was one long nightmare with three failures at 50, 20 and 10 km from the center of Diyarbakir. The last crash has forced us to carry our 4x4 on a flatbed truck to a hotel or our arrival caused a sensation (5 or 6 people to look after the car move down, push-her right at the entrance of the hotel).

In short, Ömer and I are dead. Tomorrow, alarm at 8 am and we start with our friends the Garage Keepers.

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